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Themes change the final style and layout of the galleries. They don’t impact thumbnail generation, so you can change theme as often as you want within seconds!

# load one of the built-in themes
--theme <name>

# load an external theme
—-theme-path path/to/theme

# add additional styles
--theme-style custom.less

You can look at built-in themes or maybe create your own.

Customising themes

Themes often expose configuration options such as the background color. These options should be documented in the theme’s documentation. Simply use --theme-style <path> to override any variable, and make the theme your own!

// Overriding theme variables is an easy way to customize a theme.
// Theme variables are well supported and should be stable within a theme.
@theme-variable: 'new value';

// You can also override any other elements.
// Your styles will be applied on top of the existing theme styles.
// However the name of CSS classes or IDs might change with new theme versions.
.other-custom-item {
  color: red;