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--index <filename>

Filename of the home page, defaults to index.html. This is useful if

--albums-output-folder <string>

The default is for all HTML pages to sit at the root of the gallery. This setting lets you group albums into a subfolder, so that the output looks like:

  |__ index.html
  |__ albums
  |   |__ holidays.html
  |   |__ birthdays.html
  |__ media
  |   |__ photo0001.jpg
  |   |__ photo0002.jpg
  |__ public
      |__ styles.css

This can help keep the output folder clean. All relative links are still maintained for local browsing. This setting does not affect the index.html page.

--theme <choice>

Specifies the theme to apply: classic, cards, mosaic, flow. See the themes section for more information.

--theme-path <path>

Specifies the path to a custom local theme. See the creating a theme section for more information.

--theme-style <path>

Optional path to a CSS or LESS file. This file is included after all other styles so you can override any particular style from the themes.

--theme-settings <path>

Optional path to a JSON file, used to configure specific theme options.

--title <string>

Website title. Defaults to “Photo album”.

--footer <string>

Optional footer which can be displayed by the theme at the bottom of every page. Can be either plain text or HTML.

--google-analytics <string>

Optional code for Google Analytics tracking.