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Choosing the right installation

There are 2 main ways to run Thumbsup. They each have pros and cons, which one you choose depends on your requirements.

As an npm package

Dependencies Need to install manually (e.g. exiftool, ffmpeg).
Codecs Uses what's available. Can install extra specific codecs if you need to.
Performance As fast as your computer.

See the npm page for more detail.

As a Docker container

Dependencies Everything provided out of the box.
Codecs Most common codecs built-in.
You can create a derived image if you want to include new ones.
Performance Up to 50% slower than the npm version.

See the Docker page for more detail.

Checking your installation

Once installed, you can run thumbsup on a small folder and should expect and output similar to:

$ thumbsup --input ./photos --output ./website

✔ Indexing folder
✔ Processing media
✔ Creating website

Gallery generated successfully
3 albums, 70 photos, 5 videos

If you receive any errors please use the --log argument to troubleshot the issue, as shown in the troubleshooting page.