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Simply install thumbsup globally from the registry:

npm install -g thumbsup

The following tools also need to be installed, with binaries in your system path:

And optionally:

You can verify that thumbsup was installed correctly by running:

thumbsup --help

For more details about all the arguments and options available, see the configuration page.

Installation notes

Installing thumbsup should be straightfoward. Here are some notes and workarounds that have been reported by users.


You can install all the extra dependencies using Homebrew:

brew install node
brew install exiftool
brew install graphicsmagick
brew install ffmpeg
brew install gifsicle
brew install dcraw


There currently is an issue with Ubuntu 14.04 if you build ffmpeg from source. Please upgrade to 14.10 and install it with apt-get.


You might have to manually install cmake and g++ to compile the thumbup’s binary dependencies.

You could also run into issues because the available version of Node.js is too old. You can install Node 10 using:

sudo apt install curl software-properties-common
curl -sL | sudo bash -
sudo apt install nodejs

If you had already installed thumbsup, you might need to rebuild its binary components:

cd /usr/lib/node_modules/thumbsup && npm rebuild --unsafe-perm

Raspberry PI

If installing thumbsup on a Raspberry Pi, you must provide an extra environment variable:

LZZ_COMPAT=1 npm install -g thumbsup